Your Breakthrough Opportunity

    The Father of Total Capital Management

    As the Father of Total Capital Management, Mark is a unique opportunity for corporate leaders to pull a future of effective actions and extraordinary results into the present. He has been described by audiences and the media as both a wizard and allocation-hardliner. Having spoken and taught internationally, Mark engages, educates, inspires, and motivates audiences with a unique and challenging message described as “mind blowing” and “excellently thorough.” 


    Redefining What's Possible

    The Inventor


    By inventing Total Capital Management, Mark has transformed yesterday’s impossible into today’s breakthrough. Corporate leaders can finally shift from the old-fashioned intradisciplinary approach to governance, leadership, and management that chronically destroys shareholder value, to a principles-based, interdisciplinary approach proven to produce superior levels of sustainable shareholder and stakeholder value.


    Experience Einsteinian Thoughts and Actions

    "Imagination Is

    More Important

    Than Knowledge."  

    Mark built Total Capital Management on an Einsteinian foundation of elegant simplicity created by the unification of complexity. For example, Total Capital Management meets Einstein’s three criteria for an important discovery: 1) simplicity of premise, 2) unification of previously separate parts into an inventive whole, and 3) broad scope of applicability.